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Special offer from 1YearFree.com - 1 Year FREE!!*
Our regular price for domain registration is $35US/year, but when you select a registration term of two or more years, you get the 1st Year FREE, and save as much as 50%!!

Plus... 1YearFree.com has teamed up with 20MegsFree.com to offer 20MB FREE hosting!**

Registration Term Regular Price 1YearFree.com Price   You Save! 
1 Year $35US $35US -
2 Years $70US $35US $35
3 Years $105US $65US $40
5 Years $175US $125US $50
10 Years $350US $275US $75
Savings compared to the standard retail price of $35US/year at Network Solutions and Register.com
 Shopping Cart Instructions:
Choose the registration term (in years) for each domain name from the dropdown menu
Click the 'DEL' checkbox to remove any unwanted domains from your shopping cart
Click the 'UPDATE' button to refresh the shopping cart and calculate new totals
Click the 'SEARCH' button to continue searching for domain names
Click the 'CHECKOUT' button when you are ready to complete the registration
Important: You must click the 'UPDATE' button to refresh the prices and totals after you have selected your desired registration term and marked any unwanted items for deletion. If you do not click 'UPDATE' after making changes, your changes will not take effect. 
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*The '1 Year Free' offer requires purchase of a domain name with a minimum registration term of two or more years. With purchase of the second year of domain name registration at the regular retail price of $35US/year, the 1st year is included free of charge. The '1 Year Free' offer applies to the purchase of new domain name registrations only, and does NOT apply to domain name renewals or transfers.
** No purchase required for 20MegsFree Webhosting. 20MegsFree Webhosting is sponsored by banner advertisements. Bannerless hosting is available as a paid upgrade only. 20MegsFree hosting account is a subdomain of 20MegsFree.com (yourname.20megsfree.com). Domain Forwarding service is required to redirect registered Domain Name to 20MegsFree subdomain URL. Basic Domain Forwarding Service is available at no charge.

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